10,122 requests today but I have no Worker

I have no Worker published but here is saying that today were 10,122 requests. I tried to play a little these days but I don’t remember deploying. I guess I wouldn’t even know how to do it. lol How could I better understand these requests?

Do you have any CF apps? I don’t think they should count against your own limit but it might be a bug.

Also, does it match up with your request count on any of your domains?

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I have two domains. One had 50k requests in the last 24 hours and the other 122.

I’m using the Logflare app on this one that has 50k requests/day.

Although in a free tier, I recommend that you to contact support and let them know.
You have there requests for 4 hours, that roughly will be 50k.

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@nomesbiblicos it’s possible they may have started counting apps with workers against your worker quota. If this is the case please let me know!


This actually seems to be the case for me as I only have Logflare installed (no custom workers anywhere) and have usage going against my worker quota.


Thanks a lot, fellas!

So I shouldn’t open a support call anymore?

Thanks, buddy!

Was that to be expected?

Hi guys,

I noticed the same behavior in one of the accounts I manage.

I remembered already reading that the use of Workers through apps wouldn’t be computed for these limits, however searching now I realized that the limit is on the maximum amount of scripts and not on the number of requests.

Number Of Scripts

Unless otherwise negotiated as a part of an enterprise level contract, all Workers accounts are limited to a maximum of 30 scripts at any given time.

Note: app Workers scripts do not count towards this limit.

Limits - Cloudflare Workers Docs


Yeah at some point I assumed they would charge for workers deployed with apps.


So will I need to reconcile the Logflare script with the other ones that run for all domain requests in a single Worker to stay within the limits?

Thanks for your patience, buddy!

I’m not even sure how that would work as you would have to call the worker to check the limit and do something or not. Let me ask around.

If you plan on using workers you can basically copy our worker in there to pull out all the request data and send it to Logflare.

See our worker here: https://github.com/Logflare/cloudflare-app/blob/master/workers/worker.js


You can actually pass us any data you want in the metadata and that will be stored in BigQuery available to search, alert on and create dashboards from… fyi.

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Also the question would be, what if you have 3 Worker’s App Scripts on the same page? 3 runs? Only 1? And if you have one of yours as well?

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I think the answer is probably to just pay them $5 a month for 10 million requests a month and $0.50 per million after that. Seems extremely reasonable to me.

I agree with that, however I think it is important to understand how requests accounting is done.

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Oh, I do have already that plan, but I was just wondering how the counting was done… I don’t come close enough to the 10M/month limit now to be worried because it’s at most 2 executions per route.

Though, since I have not seen an increment in stats given that the vast majority of routes have both my worker and Logflare I presume they count only once.

Maybe @KentonVarda can shed some light?


This looks like a bug. We are investigating.