$1 .XYZ Domain


The wholesale registry fee for .XYZ domains that are made up of 6/7/8/9 numbers (such as 123456789.xyz) is $1 / year, including renewals.

CloudFlare currently doesn’t support this feature, and when transferring a .XYZ domain to CloudFlare, it marks the price $8.00.

I hope we can see this feature added to CloudFlare registrar until it’s out of beta.

Would you have some source for that?

  • I personally have such domains
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Out of curiosity, which registrar did you use to register such domains?

NameCheap, but I’m considering moving it to GenXYZ, as CloudFlare doesn’t support it ._.

Or the CloudFlare domain transfer page says that it’s $10 and it always shows that for XYZ domains, but it might actually charge $0.99 for that. But I highly doubt it.

Interesting. I just checked GoDaddy and Uniregistry. GoDaddy was selling it at 99 cents, and Uniregistry showed the same. During checkout, I was shown 99 cents, but after placing the order, I was charged 1.99 USD in total. Unclear why the additional $1, but could be Whois. I have reached out to their customer support for a clarity.

GoDaddy seems to be selling Whois for an even higher value.

I know that Cloudflare offers free Whois for all domains. If they end up offering .xyz, I would move my .xyz to Cloudflare as well, to have all domains in one place.

Anyone tried it yet?

It’s still unsupported. I got one on 101domains but because these kinds of domains are treated as “premium”, I cannot transfer to Cloudflare yet.

Now I can’t transfer it all, it apparently doesn’t support premium domains yet. Hope they will add this soon.

Here’s the list of support tlds, https://www.cloudflare.com/tld-policies/