1 thing which is missing from cloudflare pages?


1 thing which is really annoying not to have on Cloudflare pages is authentication and this makes It hard to move away from the services like netlify or firebase.

are you guys planing to introduce it some time soon?



Could you please expand on this a little? Authentication covering what exactly and how is it done over there?

You can put our product Access over your preview deployments so only your team members can view those - docs here: https://developers.cloudflare.com/pages/platform/preview-deployments/#customizing-preview-deployments-access

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The authentication really comes handy when using a cms to edit the site or giving access to the selected users for my static website.

netlify name it as identities and firebase name it as authentication. both work the same way, but I do not find similar option in Cloudflare pages.

the solution you share does not let me invite and authenticate users and provide the ability to login. this is what is required for most static sites when using headless cms to access the admin page


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Are you using this auth service over only specific paths or the entire site? I’m interested in your usage of this because I haven’t heard such request in the past.

With the Access feature I linked it would cover the entire site but you can have a login either with emails, Google, GitHub or a bunch of other providers.

If we can improve this for users like yourself we definitely want to so this feedback is wonderful! Thank you


the authentication is used only on the /admin just to authenticate user so they can use the git based cms to modify content.

I also try the access feature but either I turn it on or leave it off it doesnt make any difference to the site not showing any login screen at all?

maybe I am doing something wrong


I made a thing for Cloudflare Functions that enables Netlify CMS to authenticate to Github for a Pages site. It’s in the usual “works for me, for what little I’ve done with it” state, so take it for what it is. GitHub - i40west/netlify-cms-cloudflare-pages: Oauth API to run Netlify CMS on Cloudflare Pages

Unfortunately, Functions is weird; if you have any, it counts every request to the site as a Functions request, not just requests that actually hit the api, which could be a serious problem. But I guess that’s just Functions being beta.

Got it, with Functions now this makes more sense to only auth parts.

It definitely should, I’d suggest joining our Discord and you can get support there - Cloudflare Developers

Indeed. We will solve this of course and only count requests which do something but for now feel free to request an increase if you need one!

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