1 SSL Certificate on 2 Hosting provider

I am using SSL certificate on HOST_A and want it to be use in HOST_B but different hosting provider, is it possible to do this?

Where did you get the SSL certificate? Cloudflare’s SSL is tied to your domain, so it doesn’t matter where you host your site.

It is cloudflare certificate.

But that won’t cause any issues right? In short, I can just copy and paste the key and secret from HOST_A to HOST_B which is from different hosting location?

Thank you Mr. sdayman

If you’re talking about the Origin CA certificate, then you can put it anywhere you host your domain that’s going through Cloudflare.

Thank you. I think everything is clear to me now.

Thanks again.

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I was wondering if I can reuse my existing Origin Certificate (already used) to another server.
Host_A:Server_A key-cert copied to Host_B:Server_B.

The reason is that DNS (ex. example.com) should be used in Host_B:Server_B but the subdomains are already used in Host_A:Server_A and now we are encountering Error 526 on Host_B:Server_B. I suspect the cert sharing is the culprit.

It was working perfectly fine when everything until they’ve decided to do this and nothing pretty much that I can do but to assist the other dev for the configuration and stuffs.

Subdomains in Host_A:Server_A are working.

Also is this IP is from Cloudflare and should redirect to the correct website?

Thank you.

:wave: @user4194,

If the origin cert contains *.example.com and the zones are a first level domain (e.g. blog.example.com and not www.blog.example.com) there should be no problem reusing the same certificate on multiple machines. I would confirm the certificate is properly installed on Server_B. If you :grey: the host and access it (past the warnings) do you see the origin certificate from Cloudflare?


Hi @OliverGrant ,

Yes, we have *.example.com and example.com on the Origin Certificate.

All subdomains are working fine and live. We only have first level domain.

And for installed certificate on server_B, I can’t confirm on how did it but also assumed that he installed it correctly.

When I did the DNS only :grey:, it shows the Origin Certificate of Cloudflare.


I hope this helps.

:wave: @user4194,

Does this work if you change your connection to Full instead of Full (Strict)?


hi @OliverGrant,

No, still 526.

The certificate viewer still shows the same, after hard reload.

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