1 of my 5 websites is down, can't figure out why

Hello Community Experts!

I have 5 websites on our server. My server IP is

[asafeplaceonline.com](https://asafeplaceonline.com) - Site is UP
I use Cloudflare DNS for this site only
nico.ns.cloudflare.com. ( and ximena.ns.cloudflare.com. (

[mohrmusicproductions.com](https://mohrmusicproductions.com) - Site is UP
ns1.asafeplaceonline.com. (
ns2.asafeplaceonline.com. (

[nashvillesongpitcher.com](https://nashvillesongpitcher.com) - Site is UP
ns1.asafeplaceonline.com. (
ns2.asafeplaceonline.com. (

[standupdude.com](https://standupdude.com) - Site is UP
ns1.asafeplaceonline.com. (
ns2.asafeplaceonline.com. (

[mxtv.show](https://mxtv.show) - Site is DOWN

I had made some changes in Cloudflare for asafeplaceonline.com, from DNS only to Proxied for A Name and C Name, and when I made this change, ONLY MXTV.show went down. I am not sure why.

Would you know what changes need to be made to the DNS for MXTV show to come back online?

I am 100% stumped with this. I attached a screenshot of the IP addresses for each site in WHM.

Thanks for your expert advice!

Also.. FYI..
Cloudflare does not manage DNS for mxtv.show or my other sites.

Would anyone know why asafeplaceonline.com DNS being generated by Cloudlare cause mxtv.show to go down? My other sites are up just fine. Its strange.

It seems if I do not make the DNS records for asafeplaceonline.com proxied, mxtv.show comes back up, but then I lose the benefits of Cloudflare service.

Anyone with ideas know why that would happen?
thank you in advance!


Unless you’tre paying for / using Cloudflare’s DNS firewall your records for the nameserverrs for these other zones should be DNS only.

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thank you… I am paying for Cloudflare service for 1 of my websites, asafeplaceonline

I noticed on asafeplaceonline’s Cloudflare DNS settings that the Nameservers are set to DNS Only only. Should they (can they) be set to Proxied?

See attached screenshot of DNS settings for asafeplaceonline on Cloudflare.
Note: When I change A record for Mail from DNS only to Proxied, I not longer receive email. Not sure why.

Im still not sure why only 1 of the 4 websites on my server that are not managed by Cloudflare are not being found.


The hosts they point to ns1 and ns1 are proxied and must be DNS only in order to function. 1 of you domains doesn’t resolve because the other 4 are cached, they’ll all stop working shortly as well since new lookups will fail.

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thank you again…

What would be the fix?

My server tech said to change the nameserver for mxtv.show to NS1.mxtv.show and NS2.mxtv.show

I don’t know yet if thats the fix, and should I do this for my other websites that are cached? Make the NS setttings set to their respective domain names?

appreciate your time!

good news… the change my server tech suggested worked and the site is back online.

I’ll do the same thing for my other sites…

Appreciate your help!

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