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I setup a 301 Permanent Redirect for several different pages. All are working except one. When navigating to nonfunctioning one I get a 404 “Page Doesn’t Exist” notice. The page I am redirecting to do does work (I can get to it through the URL address). I have confirmed the information is correct in the redirect several times. This redirect is identical to the others ones in setup. No idea what’s wrong.

Any ideas? I’m at a loss?


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What’s the URL which does not work and post a screenshot of your page rule list.

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Please see the below link. (I couldn’t find a way to attached things to the message, and I am not allowed to embed things because I’m new to the forum).


It does redirect

$ curl -I https://learningpointonline.com/bop
HTTP/2 301
location: https://www.learningpointonline.com/pages/bop

However, only your naked domain is proxied and will redirect. Your “www” record is not and so page rules will not fire either.

I am brand new at this. How do I fix this?

There’s nothing to fix, the redirect works. Why do you think it does not?

Unless you are referring to “www”.

When I go to www.learningpointonline.com/bop the redirect fails. How do I make it work?

Do I put an “*” in front of the redirect?

Thank you!

Yes, you’ll need an asterisk in front of all your page rules and you’ll need to proxy your www record by switching it to :orange:.

It appears to be working! Thank you! I need to wait to make sure it propagates correctly, but it appears to work correctly now.

Propagation could be part of the proxy switch, but on Cloudflare’s side that is pretty much instantly. Only your local resolver could take longer.

As for the page rules, that should work immediately too. And it actually does, so you should be good.

Thank you very much for your patience and help!

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