1 MBPS WARP Issue Since Jan 2023

Ive been using Cloudflare WARP for better connection, since here in Indonesia from morning to evening i always get 1000ms+ Ping, but with Warp it help me alot! having under 100ms feels so good. Been using it since Jan 2022, my ping always under 100ms.
But now since Jan 2023, my WARP now having issue, its so slow, cant load anything fast like before (approx 10-20 seconds to load webs or even more). i checked warp speed with speedtest (https://fast.com/), its always 1-1.8 mbps. i cant play roblox and do my things developing game with this connection, can anyone help me how do i get the old warp where i always get under 100ms? i dont want to wait until night where my wifi has best connection.

Its same in Bangladesh here. Its not working properly anymore. No internet when WARP enabled.

yeah same here in the US, it used to be mad fast for me anyone have a fix for this?

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