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I’m looking to have a dedicated server that I’m hosting be accessible via the public world, however it needs to be proxied by cloudflare and only assigned one IP. When I do any DNS queries to the domain via the proxy Cloudflare returns 2 possible IPs, however my application requires there to only be 1.

What do I need to purchase/do to achieve this goal? Is argo what I’m looking for?

You mean the proxy addresses? These will always be two plus two and you cant change that (maybe on an Enterprise plan).

Why do you have an issue with two addresses being returned? Just ignore one.

the application’s database has the entry via hostname, from there it requires the OS to resolve the IP to the same as what the users are connecting with, if they have a mis match, they don’t connect

Alright, cant you simply enter an IP address?

Now, that doesn’t make sense. It resolves the hostname but then matches it to some IP address? Where does it take that address from? And why does it match something if it first resolves it anyhow?

You will probably have to refactor your code.

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I’m not refactoring the code what I’m wanting to do should be possible via some paid service in cloudflare I’m simply asking what that service is, the issue is users connecting to the server can resolve my origin ip and i want the origin ip proxied thru cloudflare so its hidden.

Well, then you cannot use Cloudflare. As I already explained you will always have the addresses in question. Of course you can contact sales and maybe that is possible on an Enterprise plan, but I already said that.

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