1 domain, multiple servers


I´d like to have part of my traffic directed to a certain hosting and some other to another hosting based on the subdirectory users request, like so:
mydomain.com/* >> Hosting company A
mydomain.com/en/* OR mydomain.com/es/* >> Hosting company B

I don´t want to use subdomains like shown below but subdirectories:

I´m not sure but I guess this could be done using rules.
Any suggestions?


You’d want to do that on origin backend server that runs apache, nginx or litespeed etc via mod_rewrite redirect rules or nginx redirect rules.


This can be done with a “Resolve Override” which is currently only available via Page Rules at the Enterprise level. If this is something you’re interested in I would recommend reaching out to our sales team for additional information.


just re-read @cc2fb2f252607d724a9f requirements, and nginx redirect might not be enough, you’d need to probably setup nginx reverse proxy for subdirectories.