1 domain for 2 IP addresses

Hi, I would like to make 1 domain have 2 IP addresses with different ports.

For example:
The domain “site.ru:8080” had an IP attached
The domain “site.ru:25565” had an IP attached

Probably not possible purely through Cloudflare (except possibly with Spectrum or another paid service)

What’s the use case here? Is this purely for HTTP / HTTPS traffic, both ports?

Cloudflare’s proxy doesn’t listen on 25565 so a proxied DNS entry is a no-go; it does listen on 8080 but HTTP only, no HTTPS

Do you have a server (like a cheap rented VPS) you can use? You could make an unproxied (grey-clouded) DNS entry pointed to the server, then on the server, run NGINX or something, listening on both ports, configured to proxy the traffic over to the correct IP address. Assuming this is only for HTTP(s)

Or just use a subdomain(s)… is there a reason you explicitly need to use only your apex domain?

OK, thanks for the answer.

I didn’t want to use subdomains. I bought a new domain and wanted it to redirect to the site and also have access to my game server.

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