1 A Record - Multiple IPs

Hi, I stumbled upon this previous topic and I want to clarify something - One A record pointing to multiple IPs

I also want to have one A record pointing to multiple IPs - just in case the primary IP goes down, the secondary will serve as backup.

After reading this comment -

Do I need to make the two A records proxy or just one?

Pointing to multiple IP addresses is like a poor man’s kind of load balancing.

With multiple A/AAAA records, you do not have any options or control about how or when the traffic will be sent one server or another, in other words, it will be completely random which one of your servers is retrieving the traffic.

Mixing Proxied (:orange:) and Unproxied / DNS-only (:grey:) records on the exact same label should make them all become have the effect of being Proxied (:orange:).

For consistency, I would personally keep them all on either Proxied (:orange:), or Unproxied / DNS-only (:grey:), depending on your preferences, such as e.g. should the traffic pass over Cloudflare before reaching you, or should it go directly?


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