1.111B class .xyz domains

It seems that .xyz domains are now supported by Cloudflare, but those that fall under 1.111B class (see below) show an incorrect price of 8.56 USD but they must be showing 99 cents. Is this the right place to report this bug?

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The link shared seems to be from a Registrar who is offering domains at that price.
Cloudflare Registrar only charges what the Registry domain charges for the specific domain.

The price you see in the dashboard is what the Registry charges and we cannot modify it.

gen.xyz is the Registry! But the 1.111B domains are “non-Standard”, so perhaps treated the same as Premium.

Hi Michael,
Thanks for pointing that out. I can see that now in:

Looking to these special domains (1.111B class), it is only for domains meeting these requirements:

Use the search tool below to capitalize on the inexpensive class of .xyz domains made up of 1.111 billion possible 6-digit, 7-digit, 8-digit, and 9-digit numeric combinations, between ‘000000.xyz’ through ‘999999999.xyz,’ now 99¢ per year, every year.

If there is a specific domain name that you would like us to check with our Registrar team, please submit a ticket and post it here so we can investigate the price difference.

I have created a ticket now, thank you. Ticket ID is 2370064.

Thank you!
We will continue this conversation in the ticket for now and post here the outcome.

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I was just about to post this same issue.

I have a domain in the 1.111B class registered at Namecheap that I would be happy to transfer to Cloudflare, but the CF price is almost 10 times as much as is suggested by the registry.

@arun @salvador Is there any update on the outcome?


Our Registrar team confirmed that even when the advertised price is low and we show a different price, all the numeric “xyz” domain names are categorized as Premium by the Registry and they cannot be transferred since Premium domains are not supported.

They show as available for transfer but once the transfer is initiated, more internal check points are done and the transfer would be rejected when finding that domains are categorized as Premium.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Is there any info on when/if premium domains will be supported in the future?

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I am afraid we do not have that information.
When they are supported, our documentation will remove the limitation:

Transfer domain to Cloudflare

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