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I just recently setup CDN Plus through 1&1 and found that I have no control over the files that are excluded from the CDN. A call to 1&1 support lead to them saying that it’s an all or nothing implementation of the Cloudflare CDN. This lead me here, to the source of the service.

One, is this true?
I know that through the 1&1 control panel there is only an option to turn the CDN service on or off. Was the tech correct? Or was it a case where it is possible through them, they just didn’t know how?


According to the above posting, partners have their own API. O.o So…

Two, is there a way to directly access my 1&1 provided Cloudflare CDN configuration through Cloudflare?

I am wanting to support cached PWA and that requires that I exclude those files from the CDN to stop them from being detected as cross site resources.

Any assistance you can provide would be wonderful.

Thank you.

If you’re using a Cloudflare through a partner, you have to use their setup.

You would have to disable that Cloudflare option at your host and set up your own Cloudflare account here.


First off, that you very much for your response. It is much appreciated.

Secondly, is there any information on how to complete this process. A tutorial or reference materials that I could consult to make sure everything works out correctly?

I don’t know how to undo it at 1&1’s end, but after that, you can jump to Step #2 to manually set up your domain here:

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Thank you again sdayman. You have been most helpful!

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