1&1 CDN, 1&1 CDN Plus, vs Cloudflare



1&1 is including a CDN with my package, but in order to use SSL they require an upgrade to 1&1 CDN Plus for an additional charge. Then, on top of that, if I am correct, there is a charge for an SSL.


From my research, Cloudflare offers an SSL for free, on the free plan. Therefore, I don’t see any reason to pay 1&1 for their “Plus” CDN and pay for an SSL if it can be gotten through Cloudflare directly for free.

Is my reasoning correct?



Your question is legitimate. The host may charge, perhaps, a service or an intervention.

You have to ask the host and also wait for the answer. And then talk about it with the Cloudfare sales department.

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Thank you.

I am just thinking of going directly through Cloudflare. I don’t see any reason to go through the host.