1&1 and Cloudflare CDN

So it appears that 1and1 made a change today to just the www which is now pointing to www.mysite.com.cdn.Cloudflare.net - ttl is 3600 - type = cname …Still gets an error, which is explained below.

The non www version still shows the same results as above. In the 1and1 control panel the Name servers have 1and1 name servers selected and not “other name servers”.

If I scroll down the DNS control panel I see this “To use your domain with a third party application, set a CNAME record for a subdomain of your domain.” Which is where I see the www version pointed to Cloudflare.
Should this only be set for the Subdomain or should it be set in both places.

So the same problem exists that has for the past few weeks, when I try to access the site when connected through the CDN I get this error message in the browser(Firefox and Chrome)
“An error occurred during a connection to www.mysite.com. Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s). Error code: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP

Thanks for any help