what is the source of the block lists? is for blocking adult content and malware.
I’m looking at it for a small not-for-profit.
The fact that it is free is excellent - assuming it is sufficiently comprehensive compared to paid for services (opendns/umbrella)

What are the sources for the malware site blocklist?
What do you class as malware sites?
What are the sources for the adult content blocklist?
How often are the lists updated?

This is probably the best source of information for that:

And here’s a way to test categories:




OK so that effectively says that Cloudflare have tried to Mirror Google Safe search criteria.

Is the cloudflare blocklist generated and maintained independently by cloudflare (inventing the same wheel as google)?
Do cloudflare incorporate other industry partners lists?


Thanks for that.
So as I read it

  1. It explains generically what DNS filtering is and that cloudflare offer it.
  2. It gives an example of what some malicious sites can do and what phish sites do

For malicious sites & phish sites are Cloudflare generating their blocklists from their own analysis of the behavior of sites?
Are cloudflare incorporating industry partner block lists too?


Cloudflare uses a combination of 3rd party data sources and internally generated categorization for data classification/ categorization.

The 1.1.1.[2/3] filters are using the same categorization data and sources available in Cloudflare Gateway.


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