Not blocking Adult content when using Brave browser "Private Window with Tor"

This is my 1st time using a DNS filtering service for my home and I am new to all of this. I want to block malicious and adult content on all devices in the house using my internet wired or WiFi.
I replaced the two DNS paths in my ISP’s router, (Zyxel C3000Z), as described in the instruction. I tested a few adult sites and they are blocked in my browser’s , (I am using the Brave browser for additional privacy.), main and “Private window” options, however, when selecting “New private window with Tor” they are not blocked.

Why does it pass through when using the Tor window and is there a way to completely block access if the DNS cannot do it in this scenario?
I assumed using these DNS entries in the router would block all access going through it completely so maybe I am misunderstanding how this DNS service or the browser’s Tor window works.

That’s expected because you’re using Tor. Tor has its own set of name servers, so no matter what name servers you use locally, DNS lookups happen through Tor to protect your anonymity.

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OK interesting. I don’t know much about Tor other than it provides additional privacy\ anonymity. I assumed everything going through the home’s router had to pass through the router’s DNS entries, (now set to and and that would be the primary filter but it sounds like using Tor through the browser can still force its own DNS in its place?

Is there any other way to block adult sites completely since it is so easy for someone to circumvent the DNS filtering by just using a specific browser? I’m testing this at my home but we would want to use it in places like our subdivision’s public WiFi.

Welcome to the world of corporate IT. It’s really a losing game of whack-a-mole unless you have enterprise control over all the devices on your network.

You can filter the casual user’s Internet, but you’ll not get much success filtering public WiFi.


Thanks. I was hoping it was as simple as replace the DNS and bad stuff blocked and everyone is safe but sounds like it can be complicated. And this is just for my house and the subdivision pool. I guess there are ways around everything. I would not want to manage this for a business or web sites.

It’s a great simple step to protect users who are willing. But you can’t stop a determined user from circumventing your controls. Don’t let that stop you from setting up that WiFi if you trust the users as you’d trust any other guest using your WiFi.