(families safe) restricting youtube or not?

Hi there

I’m using 1113 for families ( and i’m very happy with it. Specifically that it forces the safe search on google, which openDNS does NOT provide.

My question is, do they also force youtube to restricted mode? I found some adult videos in youtube. Is there any way to test if restricted mode is enabled in youtube by administrator or not? does not restrict youtube.

You can test with dig/nslookup/etc. www.youtube.com using
If restricted mode, it would return CNAME restrict.youtube.com or restrictmoderate.youtube.com, but it does not.

Is there any way to restrict youtube? or do you know any other DNS provider that does it?

If you use Gateway, you can fine-tune all of this, and more:


Your Gateway setup will include a code that’s tied to your “Location”. It’s the first string (subdomain) in the DNS over HTTPS/TLS URL. You can put that in the WARP app as the Gateway DoH Subdomain and that device will follow those settings.

I saw this already before. But it’s much too complicated for me to do this… So I used cleanbrowsing.org in the end. They do enforce restricted mode. I hope Cloudflare will soon make a dashboard/portal for the DNS and there should be the option to restrict youtube, and customize more options (like openDNS has)

If they add this feature (dashboard/portal) I might switch back to Cloudflare, as it would probably be much better.

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