DNS educational institution Blocking the site


University website (www.mju.ac.kr) Connection failed.

If you use a different DNS, it connects well.

When the classification is confirmed, it appears as an “educational institution.”

Please check.
Thank you.

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Hi it seems like the upstream nameservers for (ns1.mju.ac.kr, ns2.mju.ac.kr) are not responding when queried from some of our PoPs. Do you have a technical contact for the domain owner that we could talk to to resolve the issue?


I don’t know if the person in charge has taken action, but I checked today and found that it was connected to the website.

(ns1.mju.ac.kr, ns2.mju.ac.kr) Was it a DNS issue?

It still doesn’t work, unfortunately, I routed the requests to another place where it resolves as a temporary workaround.

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Thank you for your prompt response. :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t able to get any response from the domain technical contact so far. If you know anyone I can email to resolve this, that would be fantastic.