DNS blocking launch of Silicondust HDhomerun software

I have been using HDhomerun made by Silicondust. It has been working fine for years. All host that stream from this digital TV tuner device broke at the same time. Only 1 host, an Apple TV, is still able to work. I changed my DNS away from to the Dns provided by my ISP, Comcast/Xfinity. It works fine now. I love the filtering service provided by Cloudflare and would like to switch back. This is a request to add the IP lookup via DNS for Silicondust and the HDhomerun software.

I am observing the same issue with ui.hdhomerun being blocked by Cloudflare Please unblock. This is a TV tunner receiving over the air TV programs. Thank you

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Does or work at all or just is the issue here? :thinking:

I don’t see hdhomerun.com neither silicondust.com being miscategorized by the Cloudflare Radar why wouldn’t they open and/or resolve as far as both websites resolve over :thinking:

Or this is rather related to the hardware/softare more than Cloudflare?

Otherwise, my best guess would be as it might be like that due to the content type they’re serving, if so (while using Cloudflare).

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