blocking "update.aimp.ru"

Hello Cloudflare support.
The dns is blocking “update.aimp.ru”, it is used for the update option within the aimp application (one of the best if not the best audio player worldwide).
I came a few weeks ago asking for the radar page to be unblocked or recategorized and nothing happens… Could you see this topic please!!!

Thanks a lot!!!

Indeed nothing against adult content to see there. Should not be a problem to unblock it once the right people see it. resolves does not (resolves to

Sidequest for you:
Since you have a valid SSL setup, please redirect your HTTP traffic to HTTPS :slight_smile:
Talking about www.aimp.ru

See here https://radar.cloudflare.com/categorization-feedback/update.aimp.ru

Yes, I have already made a claim on the Cloudflare radar website to change the categorization… but nothing…

Try tweeting @eastdakota or posting on Hacker News.

Hello @cscharff!!! Thanks for answering.
I don’t have twitter, I don’t use.
I also don’t understand where you are going with Hacker news… Is it a forum?
Doesn’t anyone see Cloudflare Radar recategorization requests?

Greetings and thanks!!!

Hello!!! No news yet… I understand that it is a “free service” but they would have to improve the support for this…

@german.garciadoego please hold on a while. A free service that does not respond with the wanted answer within a day, I think does not need to improve support :slight_smile:
But anyway I will tag @mvavrusa since I think he is in the team, may he can unblock your domain from, since indeed (AFAIK) not against any of its rules.

Please wait patiently for a response.

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Of course you have to be patient and I have… But I’ve been seeing this for two weeks and it hasn’t changed, I’ve been making the request for recategorization for two weeks now and there’s no news, that’s why I came here to the forum to see if I had a better chance of this being modified…

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