block web.passapp.net

Good morning.
In our company we use DNS and to filter porn and so on.
The issue is that we are implementing an access control system in the cloud and is blocking our access to the website that manages it.
The website is https://web.passapp.net/
I wanted to recategorize the domain on the Cloudflare website, but there are values that won’t let me recategorize…
Could you give me a command with this?
Thank you very much already!!!

Which categorization is the issue? If it’s School Cheating, that comes from the parent domain, and can be removed in the right-hand column here here:


If you remove that, and it’s accepted, then I expect the automatic CIPA filter will follow suit.

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Hello, thanks for answering.
Indeed, the CIPA filter is what does not allow you to remove…
Is CIPA automatic? When they recategorize, is it supposed to go away?

Thank you.

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