blocks an app on ios

I was testing (malware blocking) and my kids found that a game on the ios apple store called zombs royale no longer works if using this for dns. Changing back to lets the app open again.

This behaviour does not occur when accessing the web version of the game. It is exclusive to the ios app on the iphone.

Why does get triggered by this ios app? Is it trying to contact a location that contains malware or is this an error?

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There may be ads in the game, which will cause warnings.

Ok sure. But says it blocks just malware only? Either way it prevents an app from opening on an iphone, so does this app have malware? Yes - good keep blocked. No? Then dns is breaking functionality in error?

Set to / and see if there is a problem again?

I was using and, however I just tested both .2 and .3 and it is still broken on ios iphone app.

Changing to immediately fixes the problem and the app opens.


Without knowing the URL being blocked it’s not possible to say. You should report it to the app creator and they can submit the DNS record for review.

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Ok as there is no process from your side to fix an app broken by dns and no process for a user of the app to work out or test why its blocked or monitor or submit anything, then the solution is not production ready and I will use something else. Thanks for your feedback. Good luck, I consider the situation closed :slight_smile:

We don’t build or manage the app or know what DNS hostname is being called or blocked. The application vendor does, hence my suggestion you contact them.

You can report the domain for review if you know it. https://report.teams.cloudflare.com/ and 1.1.1.[2/3] are privacy focused resolvers. We record as little customer identifiable information as possible in line with our privacy policy and keep it for as short of a period of time as possible. If you were using the Cloudflare app you could file a bug report which might contain data to determine the host being called.

You could also sign up for a Gateway account and configure your own policies where you can manage your own security settings and access logs for your devices.

But without knowing the hostname being called it’s not possible to review.

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