block pixeldrain.com

I use Cloudflare DNS anti-malware, but block the url pixeldrain.com, this site is media sharing website, how can I report this issue?

It’s behaving as if there’s a glitch with that domain name in their system. @malavika may be the person who checks on these issues.

Hi @sdayman - thank you for flagging! It appears the Radar Domain Insights service is down - our engineering team is taking a look at this issue.

@josemanuelcoom - this site was mistakenly categorized as Malware. This has been reviewed and fixed, and you should be able to resolve to this domain within the next hour.


Thank you very much

Just as an update @sdayman & @josemanuelcoom, the miscategorization form is now working again

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Thanks for taking a look at this on the weekend and the quick response.

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