's "Install" page defaults to MacOS instructions when I'm on Linux

Hi guys. Not sure where to report this, so I’m just throwing it here.

Your website appears to be identifying Linux users as MacOS users. I thought this might be worth mentioning in order to improve whatever metrics or defaults you’re using. While we Linux users do tend to be a technical crowd, it’d be nice if your site defaulted to the correct instructions and identified us correctly in case you use said data to make any informed guesses about your users.

Thanks! And lots of love and support from the FOSS world!

Thanks for the report. I tried to look at the page source to see if we’re doing any browser OS/ browser detection related. Our source if almost freaking unreadable… but I don’t see that we’re doing any detection and we may just be defaulting to MacOS for everyone.

I will pass along the note though and suggest that browser detection may be a nice addition.