working neither with the WARP app nor with manual setup on macOS


I’ve installed the app, and it says that I am connected (both when selecting and with WARP). However, when I visist it says that I am not connected:

I followed the setup steps below on the help site, but that didn’t change anything either. When I try enabling my ProtonVPN, which routs over as well, that help site correctly displays that I am connected to and some sites, that are blocked by my provider, work:

I can find no information on this anywhere and I’d like to use the app instead of always having a VPN on. Can anybody help me with this?

Running macOS 14.4 (23E214)

Also, those tests were run in Safari; both Chrome and Brave seem to connect to

So this is a Safari specific issue. I still need it resolved as that is my main browser.

I was further able to narrow it down to the Private Relay function of iCloud. That seems to interfere, as when I disable Private Relay, is also shown to connect in Safari.

Can this conflict be resolved?

I have now disabled Private Relay, disabled, then enabled, then enable Private Relay and it seems to have resolved itself?

Might be due to the order on activation?

Anyhow, after that procedure, I get this test result in Safari:

“Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH)” is still on No, while other browsers show Yes, and Safari connects to a different Cloudflare Data Center than all my other browsers, but the main thing seems to work now.

I hope this helps someone who faces the same issue!

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