with WARP Known Issues

Thank you for your interest in and love for! As most of you know we released WARP today to the full waiting list of nearly two million people who so kindly showed interest in what we’ve been building. We’ve put a lot of work into WARP but it’s not perfect yet. This post is an area for us to record the known issues we are aware of and are currently working on fixing:

Scale Related Issues

We are actively mitigating periodic issues which result from the very rapid growth of WARP. These issues can result in failed WARP connections for a period of time as we work to scale our deployment and improve traffic routing.

WARP+ Persisting Between Uninstall / Reinstall

Earned WARP+ data does not currently persist between app uninstall / reinstalls on Android, and may not always persist on iOS. We currently recommend you do not uninstall the app if you wish to save this status, but are working on other privacy-preserving methods of allowing you to maintain and transfer your earned data.

iOS App Issues


Switching networks while on CarPlay can break your WARP connection. This is likely an issue within iOS we are working to find a workaround for.

The following apps have been reported as potentially not working on iOS devices with WARP. Not all of these reports have been substantiated, please report your experience using these apps:

  • TuneIn

Android App Issues

The following apps have been reported as potentially not working on Android devices with WARP. Not all of these reports have been substantiated, please report your experience using these apps:

  • Nvidia Shield
  • Ecobee
  • WhatsApp Web Interface
  • Salesforce Authenticator
  • Blink Camera App
  • Ring

As always, please make all bug reports via the in-app feedback feature.


The upload speed issues have been resolved in most locations! After some investigation it turned out that the huge amount of traffic suddenly flowing over WARP was triggering some of our internal threat blocking systems. The traffic has now correctly been categorized and upload speeds should be significantly improved. Thank you for your patience as always.

2 Likes with WARP is breaking network connectivity on iOS 13, iOS 13.1, and iOS 13.1.1. The WiFi icon stopped displaying toward the upper-right-hand corner of my iPhone, and instead displayed LTE, but all network connections (WiFi and Cellular data) have been extremely poor or nonexistent since upgrading to iOS 13.x.

Before pursuing this, I went through all the standard iOS network troubleshooting steps:

  • reset iphone
  • turn WiFi off & back on
  • forget network & reconnect
  • turn off cable router & mesh network, reconnect each device sequentially from source
  • update iOS version
  • backup & restore

None of these troubleshooting steps produced a change.

Then I tried to report the issue to Apple using their Developer Feedback Assistant, but the prompt to “‘Gather’ Wi-Fi Diagnostics”, but I have no idea what that is, and neither does Google, so I decided to utilize my AppleCare+ for the first time…

So I just got off the phone with AppleCare tier 2 support. They had me repeat all of the aforementioned troubleshooting steps, and finally they asked me whether I am using a VPN, which is true (via with WARP). They asked me to turn my VPN off and retry browsing the internet. I turned off the VPN and it produced no change. I restarted the iPhone with VPN turned off, and it produced no change. They informed me that others have reported a similar issue with with WARP with iOS 13, and it required them to actually remove/uninstall with WARP from their iPhone before network issues have been resolved by others. So I deleted with WARP from my iPhone, and my network instantly started to work. I restarted my iPhone and the network connection continued to work. I reinstalled with WARP and turned on the VPN, and my network connection continued to work. I restarted my iPhone with with WARP and the VPN turned on, and it continued to work.

So bottom line, if you upgraded your iOS device to 13.x and the network becomes unreliable or nonexistent, remove with WARP and reinstall it.

It would be awesome if Cloudflare would please investigate the issue and update with WARP to work under iOS 13.x without requiring an uninstall and reinstall.

One caveat with this solution is that if you uninstall and reinstall on iOS or Android, you will lose your WARP+ referral data.

I’m a desktop user, the government here has censored/banned many websites. I use Opera VPN but it is slow. I tried on desktop but no luck, banned sites don’t open (it use to open before).

But the sites open after installing the WARP app on mobile. But I prefer to use the internet on the PC. when will the WARP desktop app get released?

The YouTube playback issue has now been resolved! It was due to an unexpected interaction between the gQUIC implementation in the app and our UDP-based WARP implementation. Users should no longer experience delays in starting video playback.


YouTube video playback doesn’t seem to be solved for the Windows client tho.

I uninstalled the application, everything I earned is gone, what should I do? :frowning_face: