- Where to Report False Positives

I looked up hostnames in in question using https://radar.cloudflare.com/categorization-feedback and all the hostnames in the CNAME chain have a valid categorization. However is still blocking the requests with following reasons:

("…failed to verify [redacted_hostname] CNAME")
("…[redacted_IPv6]:53 rcode=REFUSED for [redacted_hostname] NS")

It is difficult to tell given the redaction, but that does not look like a categorisation issue. does not filter results, while do.

Can you share the hostname that is causing an issue?

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your quick response, anything posted here is public, so we have to verify if we can provide the exact info.

It seems you are right the DNS Status from is SERVFAIL, rather than refused, so it looks like a technical issue rather than a False Positive.

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