Warp Teams not working after Split Tunnel changes

Hello Together

For my setup im trying to use the Split Tunnel feature in conjuction with Argo Private Networks.
I just wanna tunnel traffic for through WARP.

So I setup ignore rules in the Split Tunnel Settings to ignore every other IP Range like this:

Now the App does not work anymore.

Thanks in advance for any help on this issue.

Hey @conblem really sorry that you’re having issues to connect to the net with your Teams account.

Typically, in that case, we need to check the logs of your device, so we can help more, as we need specific logs to troubleshoot such an issue

Do you mind submitting a bug/feedback direct, within the app, make sure to include the logs.

I suppose that you have correctly set up and logged with Teams account from the app, (I see the screenshot).

IF documentation correctly followed and you have set up:

and Route traffic · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

then you need to enroll devices: About Cloudflare WARP · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

If you still got issues, please submit a bug report with all your logs directly within the app!

Are you physically on the network when trying to connect to Warp in the unable to connect second screenshot?