WARP stuck in 'Connecting' with my broadband!


I am unable to connect WARP since some days. It actually happened ever since my ISP made changes to their gateway. It just stuck on Connecting. It is only happening with my broadband connection, so none of the devices at my home is able to connect to WARP, be it phone, tab or PC.

I have noticed one more thing.

Earlier, my gateway server was based in Mumbai, so I used to be routed to Mumbai server whenever I tried pinging or So, my ping was pretty good at around 24-25ms.

Current gateway is in Kolkata and while my ping to Kolkata based servers are like 13-14ms, it is 75-80ms when I ping or even though Cloudflare have server in Kolkata. One more thing, if I ping cloudflare.com, my ping is like 13-14ms.

I am pretty sure it is something to do on my ISP’s end because they are more like govt ISP. It is RailWire Broadband, by the way.

I just wanna know if there is a way to fix it myself. I don’t wanna talk to RailWire team. Their team doesn’t talk well and neither tries to understand the problem, so it is basically baseless.

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