warp not working on jio network in india

It is not working on GTPL also !!

It is not working on GTPL also

Yes it Does Work, Thanks again for the solution :smile:

Use the warp for Teams Option as a workaround :grinning:

Same, I also faced this problem from yesterday morning, any know solution here.?

Yeah, it was a bit hectic process, any layman will not able to do it and it also requires adding a payment method. But it works. Hope it will work forever XD

  1. Go to the Cloudflare team and make an account with a team name. Then complete the process by adding a payment method.

  2. Then go to Account Setting of team and manage device > Add an exception

  3. log in to the WRAP windows and then in account > login with Cloudflare with Team.

  4. Wola the connection will establish.

Hope the rest can do it.

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It’s working on Jio for me, anyone still has this issue?

Now it’s working

It seems to be working now that the colocation center has been changed to MRS (Marseille, France) instead of the previous BOM (Bombay, India). The ping is a bit on the high side (~150ms), which is natural since the colocation center is now far away, but other than that, no complaints!

Hope they get the colocation back to BOM after fixing whatever problem is happening there.

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Yeah it is working for GTPL too but server is France. Hope it will be fixed soon. Can’t play games over 150 ping.