warp isnt working anymore on my pc

its been doing this for about a week now but i have been using it for like since the start of 2021

i reset my pc connection, i reset all setting inside the cloudfare app, ive configured the proxy mode, but nothing works does anyone have a fix?

Hi, did you install the certificates on you PC?

Check this:



Others have had recent problems with WARP on Windows and had to downgrade:

okay so i installed the certifactes and restarted but now it gives me this

hey i downgraded my cloudfare but no

i says this

it keeps connecting then says this on a loop

it keeps connecting then says this

I Will try:

  1. Flush the DNS on my connection.

  2. Check the DNS settings for the router.

  3. Pathping to indent.me, and check, where the packages are lost.


can you describe what is pathping to indent.me because i dont know what that is

Screenshot 2021-11-19 130459
does thing have anything to do with it?

Hi, It is part of a process in windows, do you have any other VPN application or proxy configuration, different from warp? I think the ideal would be to have a single application to avoid errors in the tunnel.

Please try to finish the process and start warp, thanks.

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