VPN app for Business/Enterprise

Hey Cloudflare,

I don’t know if this is something that makes sense for you, but we’d love a version of the app with the WARP+/VPN features that can be centrally billed and (maybe) somehow tie into Cloudflare Access.


Hi @omar

Second, we think there’s an exciting opportunity in the enterprise VPN space. While companies require their employees to install and use VPNs, even the next generation of cloud VPNs are pretty terrible. Their client software slows everything down and drains your battery. We think the best way to build the best enterprise VPN is to first build the best consumer VPN and let millions of users kick the tires. Imagine if you actually looked forward to logging in to your corporate VPN. If you’re a company interested in working closely to realize that dream, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll let you in on our roadmap.

Introducing WARP: fixing mobile Internet performance and security

This is taken from the WARP announcement blog post, not sure if it is exactly what you were thinking, but it looks like they have considered it!

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Thanks @domjh, that sounds exactly like what I’m thinking. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for launching this.

I was reading the blog post and there was a bullet point about split tunnels.

I’d like to suggest a feature that I’m sure you guys have already considered, but just in case…

It would be useful to have a sort of reverse split tunnel where the only traffic that passes over WARP is whatever the admin includes in the CF zone.

In our case, I only want traffic destined to one of our Argo tunnels to go through WARP.

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for the feedback @omar,

I’m not sure we’ve specifically considered that use case but we will likely have support for requiring a Warp connection to go with an Access Policy (often used with an Argo Tunnel to expose the origin) and in theory you should be able to create a URL filtering policy which bypassed Warp for anything <> to a specific hostname. The split tunnel need is high on my personal list so I’ll play around a bit with the rest of the scenario as our dev team sneaks me Alpha builds.