supports ECS?


Finally I did what you recommended Matteo, I put as time servers those of POOL.NTP.ORG but of Argentina (AR.POOL.NTP.ORG). With this I patch the issue of time servers, but it is not a 100% real solution … It should be done by geolocation automatically using the standard NTP …

In any case, assuming that they are new servers and like everything else, when they are just launched, they have to polish and fine-tune their operation. With the passage of time I calculate that all this will be solved.

Greetings and thanks to all!!!


The problem is that it’s difficult to optimize that without providing the client’s subnet which I believe it’s how the NTP pool works. The pools are located per country specifically to reduce issues with location.


Of course, I understand … that’s why both I and other people think that sending a response to the subnet client would be a very good decision … so that everything works properly.
I understand that some privacy would be lost, which is the main objective of …
Surely they must be working to accept this function … or perhaps seeing if there is any way to do something in between …



If it’s confirmed that the geoip database used by the NTP Pool – I believe it’s one of the popular corporate ones, but I’m not certain – has the wrong location for Cloudflare’s Buenos Aires IP addresses, it can be fixed and updated.

ECS isn’t necessary.

Edit: The caveats I wrote above apply, but there’s no reason not to pursue it.