still doesn't work on Orange France

Hello, months after the launch, still doesn’t work for me. I’m on the Orange France network (fiber).

I believe it was said that it was because Orange’s engineers used as a local IP in their router, but you said that you were working with them so that they can fix that. It’s seems that nothing has been done on their side since, so it might be time to remind them. works.

Or they refuse to change it. :thinking:

As a customer could also make “trouble” a their support. is assigned to a company now and became a public network.

I know that we’ve worked with Orange España and Orange Egypt to address these issues. There could still be more work for us to do. Could you post a traceroute to, please?

Here are the commands to follow, just to simplify things:

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Just to update, this has been fixed by Orange in the latest firmware of their router. is not hard-routed internally anymore and is correctly connecting to Cloudflare…