site doesn't work on my ISP

Is it possible that my isp is blocking the dns? I tried to contact them but they are still to reply to my inquiry. Please see attached data. https://pastebin.com/wynMn98b

Your traceroute looks like it gets to something. Can you give this a try, then post the big link from the test results? doesn’t open at all. Connection refused.

That doesn’t bode well. I should have thought of that. So it looks like your ISP isn’t properly routing

Try instead.

This is when i have both and in windows settings.

only (the website still doesn’t work, only

edit: looks like it’s the same link… however only on it loads significantly slower

So there’s no connectivity to This is due to your ISP.

At least works, so use that instead. As a secondary DNS, I recommend

All right, thank you

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