Showing Incorrect AS Name with PiHole


Could anyone tell me what the AS Name means, and what it is supposed to be reading? It currently does not show cloudflare, but instead shows my ISP- it does however have two “yes” next to “Connected to” & “Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH)”. In PiHole I have my upstream DNS set to (for DoH)


It should show you Cloudflare if the query was made using It seems like it didn’t, perhaps due to caching in pihole or some sort of fallback to an ISP resolver.

Running following should give you the same information, perhaps you can try figure out how pihole resolves it?

$ curl http://$RANDOM.map.cloudflareresolve.com
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I just ran this on the pihole and got back:

{"ip":"::1","ip_version":2,"protocol":"udp","dnssec":true,"edns":0,"client_subne                           t":-1,"qname_minimization":false,"isp":{"asn":13335,"name":"Cloudflare"}}[email protected]

That seems okay, as it shows ISP being Cloudflare in the response. I’m not quite sure why browser would show you something different.

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