What is the max number of requests per month (or day) allowed on DNS ?
In other words, what is a family ? 10 persons max. ? 20 persons ? 50 persons (a big party) ?

What happens if quota of requests is exceeded ?

  • DNS returns an error code ?
  • source IP is banned ?
  • Other ?

What is the pricing if the quota is exceeded ?.



There are no explicit limits on, just don’t abuse. It’s free.

Here you can find terms of service, in case.

Terms of use are very “light”.
In fact, my question is about “Block malware and adult content” option of DNS so in fact :wink:

I don’t find a plan for a big enterprise (hundreds of employees) with only “Block malware and adult content” option.
Does it exist ?

It exists, look at the Zero Trust options Cloudflare options. It’s free up to some limitations, but it’s not limited in number of requests, and fully customisable.

Credit Card is asked even if I choose the free plan (< 50 users) ?!?
I don’t like that ! :frowning:

Yeah, it is… nothing I can help you with, unfortunately. It has always been that way.

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