resolver as business user?


Is there an “advanced” usage possibility of resolvers for business users?
E.g. define own ip ranges and then view dns resolving statistics or something similar?

Thx for clarifying.

Not sure but i don’t think so. And from my point of view this would counter the privacy statement.

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No, there is no such possibility. You would need to put your own proxy resolver in the middle.

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If you have access to the Peering Portal you will get some DNS statistics, but not even a hint of what the requests were. Detail on the nature of the transport protocol, volume of requests and the PoP those requests hit. I expect you will need an AS, and not just a range of allocated IP addresses from your ISP. for Business was mentioned at Cloudflare Connect in London, and the latest Enterprise Newsletter had details on Access Resolver (Early Access), which I imagine is the same thing. I do not know what will be in this product, but I expect it will allow filtering of bad domains, similar to some existing products like Umbrella. I also expect that it will give you almost no information that would potentially uncover what your users are doing.


That is one thing I would love to receive…

Yeah, if this is for Business it would be great! I’d love to try that…

Thanks guys for the responses.
So if I understood correctly atm there is no such “business implementation” for, which is absolutely fine. But it’s good to hear there could be something coming up soon as mentioned by michael. Let’s see how that’ll look :slight_smile: