- Rate Limiting

I recently sent a large amount of traffic towards (from a single IP.)

When we reached around 10 requests per second it seems that we hit some type of rate limit as our queries where dropped.

Is there any way around this?


If there ist a rate limit, it’s there for a good reason i would guess

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Only have this issue with Cloudflare, google and quad9 do not rate limit at all. 10 queries a second is not exactly a lot.

Yes, use multiple IPs :slight_smile:

Btw, I tested this as well and I couldn’t hit the limit.

I will retest and let you know about the results.

So I run my little benchmark for 31.71 seconds, made 1995 DNS requests, from which 97.64% was successful and 2.31% failed (could be because of my poor ISP).

Concurrency level was 30.

I tested against

Runtime: 31.7168600559 sec.
Total tested: 1995 [ 100 % ]
Good: 1948 [ 97.64 % ]
Failed: 46 [ 2.31 % ]
Avg speed: 0.0574952833037

:wave: @Papi.Jax,

It seems unlikely Cloudflare would block at a query rate of 10qps. How/ what are you testing? What error do you receive?


Google has (had?) a rate limit of 100 queries per second.

Quad9… I want to say that they have rate limits that can’t be described with a single number, but I can’t find a reference.

I just want to clarify something, are you sending 10 identical queries per second or 10 unique queries per second?


For Google reference was 500 QPS; That limit was lowered down, after Cloudflare launched

In my test I was sending random queries per second.
And also I was performing ‘control’ checks every 2nd query, in order to be sure that everything is in line.

I will share code later

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You can perform tests of your DNS servers with this piece of Python code I wrote:


We do not rate limit. You should be able to send 10QPS pretty easily.