Preventing Siri and Message Voice Dictation from Working on iPhones Using Cellular Data

Having just migrated to an iPhone 13 Pro (iOS15.0.1) I noticed that I was unable to use my Apple Watch series 6 (watchOS 8.0) to send iMessages by dictation or use Siri, when connected to a cellular network, when I had my iPhone with me. Dictation and Siri both worked when I only had my Apple Watch and was connected to cellular. Dictation and Siri worked when connected to WiFi on both. I then worked out I could not use Siri on my iPhone. Turning Siri off and an again temporarily solved that, but the issue returned within 15 minutes or thereabouts.

Having spoken to Apple support, un-painred my Apple Watch, reset my iPhone and set it up again the issue was still not resolved. They diagnosed my iPhone as having no hardware issues

I then remembered issues my daughter had with Siri not working and using SnapChat - which were resolved with Turing her off - and also that the last app to reinstall after resetting my iPhone 13 Pro was

I then disconnected it for 15 minutes. Siri worked as did dictation. After 15 minutes the issue returned. I turned off ‘Use with Mobile Data’ but the issue remained. I then deleted off my iPhone and have now not had any issues for 3 hours.

Is this a known issue and a bug in

Hi @ordeals.berth.0l,

Were you using (DNS-only) or WARP (optimized routing)? Did you have any internet connection at all?

Hi Albert. I was not using Warp. Just (DND only) and had no issues accessing the internet using mobile data or Wifi with it on. All apps functioned properly, just not Siri and voice dictation.

With the app removed the issue is resolved.

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