Ping Block

Hey Cloudflare !!
If you block the ICMP ping from your back end of you public resolver so does it affect on speed? Like browsing, downloading, upload and others?

I’m unsure what question you’re asking. is a recursive DNS resolver. It resolves a website to an IP address.

I think he’s asking that the Engineers at CloudFlare unsheathe their ICMPs from their IPs. The question is why? Seems like fun… maybe.

Yes you are right. I’m talking about ICMP ping block. Because sometimes if ping is higher so it took more time to load something. If there are no ping so it does’nt took longer time to access something.

So, then, following the logic, an unsheathed ICMP is desired. So then it requires the engineers unsheathing each ICMP from each IP. Perhaps “fun” should be stated instead as “interesting”, if that’s a person’s “thing”.

Are u from Cloudflare?

Cloudflare has DDoS mitigations in place to protect the performance of and the other DNS services we provide.

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No. I was using words relative to the issue in a joking manner. For laughter, hoping you’d catch on.

Yes, Keep quiet.

I did’nt understand what do u mean. I think u did’nt understand my issue.

Sorry you’ll need to clarify what it is you think is a problem. A DNS resolver resolves DNS queries. Not sure how ping is related to DNS or how DNS would impact it.

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Does DNS impact on gaming?

Yeah. DNS need to resolve game server IP.
Selecting fastest DNS = Low latency gameplay in most cases

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