or WARP not connecting

I’m from Iran and as you probably know our gov. have crazy filtering on internet so as we want to use internet like normal we must user VPN or proxy
from 2-3 days ago anyone i know who use warp for their normal use starting to report app stuck in connecting and some hours later nobody could make it connect any more no matter what DNS setting u set in app non of or WARP will work !
so i think gov. Somehow block apps servers :confused:
i couldn’t find support in page so i come here
Dose anyone have solution for this ?


I’m from Iran and I have this problem too.
Because of censorship in my country, we use WARP in order to have access to social network apps such as Twitter or Telegram. But since last week this app is also has been blocked by government.


Unfortunately, cloudflare policy can not do much for you in this regard,

It is better to refer to the personal page of Minister of Information and Communications Technology
Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi (Persian: محمدجواد آذری جهرمی‎)


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what u saying is a joke in my country that guy is just a clown :sweat_smile:
i doubt that he even know different between B and b :smiley:

but thanks for reply :v: