on smartphone VPN directly


Hi, Team!
I would like to set DNS on my phone VPN directly. Could I do it?

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Once more DNS on smart phone

Hi, Team!
I would like to set DNS on my phone VPN directly ( witouth app ). Could I do it?

All the Best!

They asked me username and password.


It looks like you need a full VPN setup in order to just plug in DNS. VPN needs to connect to something.

I use DNSCloak on iOS. It sets up its own internal VPN connection that sends DNS requests where I want.

I don’t see a way of doing this without an app.


You can use the dns settings of you have a full VPN set up. I for myself use openvpn (with the official app)and my servers push the DNS servers to the clients.

push “redirect-gateway def1 bypass-dhcp”
push “dhcp-option DNS”
push “dhcp-option DNS”


I can use with VPN app. I want to use without it.
They ask me only username and password. But how can I get it?


That must be the credentials for the VPN, not the DNS.


Hi @molnar.aron. Do you want to try our app on your smartphone? Its on limited public beta right now.




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How can I download the app?


The app is in private beta right now, you’ll be notified when it’s available in your e-mail inbox if you signed up through that Google form.


Thanks for the answer!


You should have received an invite by now. Thanks for your patience!


Did it go out to everyone? I didn’t get one :confused:


Me, like @Judge, neither. Probably due to iOS?


Ya Probably due to the iOS app not being ready.


Or maybe some time delays due to TestFlight?


Hi, Team!

It was started with Beta 1.7.2. Must I delete v1.7.2?

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Just got my invite on Testflight!


Not yet :sob:


Any update on this @ryan? :sob: