on android, my 11 GBs of wrap+ is gone after reinstall

I had 11Gbs on wrap+ on my phone but after I reinstalled the app it is gone and there is no sign in button or anything.

Hi @adam.peterdi,

Not sure if it will be possible to get this back, but you can hit the :wbug: icon in the app and let the team know.

cc @dane @irtefa

I hit it already but I think that’s a dead button as I didn’t get any answer

It shouldn’t be, the team may just take a few days to reply. I have tagged them here anyway, so they will hopefully see this thread :slight_smile:

Thanks, I hope they can do something about it because I waited a year in line for it.

If you got that for waiting: there was a message that you will lose it if you re-install the app.

Did not get one like that, and what is the point to make it this way?

I believe it is so that Cloudflare don’t need to collect any personal data to identify you, which was one of the key points of Warp.

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