Not working

Hi! I used this dns address couple of months ago and i was able to use youtube android app without a vpn while any youtube service is bannned in my region. Now this address does not work neither on windows nor on android. Please tell me what I should do. Thanks in advance!

For Windows, give this thread a look:

For Android, you can give the app a try:

I tried the app it doesn’t work either

Then your ISP is probably blocking

So are there any alternative ways to be able to use YouTube without VPN? Like other dns configurations or sth else?

Can you go to https://Cloudflare-dns.com/help and post the link it gives you here? That will help identity the issue you’re having.

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If youtube is banned in your region you should take that up with them. The purpose of is not to bypass provider content restrictions.


I’m sorry what link do you mean? The only thing I get is “web page is unreachable” which occurs usually when a website is blocked out. That means that the Cloudflare dns won’t work on my isp