not resolving a record

Hi Everyone, will not resolve the following A record: it.cuimc.columbia.edu & do so without issue, as well as cell providers (tested on phone)

I’m not sure of this is the correct place to report, but cannot find a more suitable one. Please if there is a more suitable place could someone direct me?


Authoritative DNS for it.cuimc.columbia.edu, is supposed to be handled by the three name servers:


However, when querying ext-ns1.columbia.edu for the SOA (Start Of Authority) record of it.cuimc.columbia.edu, the name server ext-ns1.columbia.edu literally says try one of these following servers:


Which is essentially creating a “loop”, as it is referring queriers back to itself.

In DNS; this is called a “lame delegation”.

The operators of the columbia.edu domain (and the sub-delegations) would be the right place to contact.

They can:

  1. Fix so that ext-ns1.columbia.edu responds properly for the it.cuimc.columbia.edu zone.

  2. Remove ext-ns1.columbia.edu from the list of name servers in the sub-delegation for it.cuimc.columbia.edu.

Once they have fixed their broken DNS set up, the issues will magically go away.

Thanks DD

Odd that every other service resolves, I guess it’s one of those “the right way” v “things working” and other providers have opted for option two.

I’ll see if it’s possible to report to Columbia

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