not resolving, seems to work (help)

hey, I am new to
i just set up the cloudflares setting on my pc and i am experiencing issues with And seems to work. i used the tool and i got this DNS

im not sure what to do, my provider is Sasktel and im in Saskatchewan, Canada. so shouldnt i be listed on YXEIX?

i used GRC’s tool to test dns speeds and cant resolve GRC’s tool webpage

Can you post a traceroute to both and share your local IP configuration please?

‘ipconfig /all’ and ‘route print’ on Windows
‘ifconfig’ or ‘ip a’ and
‘route’ or ‘ip route’ on Linux based systems.

is there any sensitive info if i paste it all? there is allot of info when i use “ipconfig /all” and “route print”. Btw im on windows.

Mainly MAC Addresses a.k.a. Hardware addresses for the ipconfig output. Also IPv6 addresses, can be censored. The internal IPs likely begin with 10.x or 172.16-31.x or 192.168.x and do not uniquely identify you. They also may begin with 1.1 which may explain your issue :slight_smile:

As for traceroute, the first few hops might reveal your ISP and perhaps geographical area. The higher the hop #, the farther the shown router is from you, and serves a larger group of people. If you get asterisks in the very first hops, that’s usually a problem. The traceroute output SHOULD look roughly the same for and

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