not reachable on TATA India network and high latency

I am using AS38536 Software Technology Parks of India, which uses TATA for all internet routing and traffic.
On this network is not working at all and is having high latency.
Ping works for both with 100ms+ latency but traceroute to fails.
Please check test results below.
Traceroute @
1 0.266 ms 0.297 ms 0.274 ms
2 1.758 ms * 3.139 ms

Traceroute @
1 0.355 ms 0.280 ms 0.264 ms
2 1.802 ms 1.765 ms 1.636 ms
3 19.791 ms 19.521 ms 19.853 ms
4 55.071 ms 55.052 ms 55.105 ms
5 54.377 ms 54.358 ms 59.886 ms
6 96.522 ms 98.430 ms 104.145 ms
7 99.996 ms 101.516 ms 99.990 ms
8 98.515 ms 98.452 ms 104.736 ms
9 98.949 ms 98.966 ms 98.596 ms
10 98.871 ms 96.830 ms 98.268 ms


Any help or suggestion to get this working?
Resolution on is also slow at average 90ms


There are additional reports of problems in India, would you mind following this guide as closely as possible and posting (copy and paste would be ideal) the results here?

Peering is the only a way to fix @raj

The same problem in BSNL Fiber because BSNL uses Tata communications for peering . So i am reached Tata communications in twitter to peer with Cloudflare

Now Cloudflare can peer with Tata communications, i guess (if not possible)

In my observation, Tata communications Mumbai peers with Cloudflare,
Tata communications Chennai loosing peering with Cloudflare and routing request from Chennai to Mumbai and it leading to 20-30ms more latency then normal.

@cloonan You can peer with Tata communication Chennai and fix this problem.

You always just saying Peering - Why don't I reach the closest datacenter to me?
This is the matter but not in this case because Cloudflare Chennai PoP does not peered with any major Internet Exchange

Cloudflare Chennai PoP just peers with Nxtra Data Chennai

My question…
Just your single peer with Nxtra Data Chennai is enough for Cloudflare Chennai PoP ?