mobile apps


Hi everyone. I’m Yuli, I was referred by cloudflare support to join this community to gain information regarding mobile apps I’ve been using cloudflare service for almost 2 years, but mainly for CDN. I’m happy with the service.

Now, cloudflare released the mobile app. Tested it, and love it. This give me an idea to develop a similar app like but my app will integrate with cloudflare dns. So, I’m wondering how this app works.

I did a little homework, I read something about running a local VPN in the smartphone, then having a VPN client connected to the local VPN. Is that how this works?


I wasn’t part of the internal team that built it, but I believe it is fundamentally similar to this project in terms of approach (from a quick read through anyway) except we’re doing DoH I believe.


thank you @cscharff, I will definitely look into this.